Residential Wear Warranty

All Tiles & laminate flooring is sold with a   10    Year Residential Wear Warranty from the date of purchase.

Who is covered?

The original purchaser is covered. In the case that a builder or developer purchases the tiles/flooring, the occupant of the residential home    10    years after purchase of the tiles/flooring will be entitled to cover under this warranty, effective from the date of the initial purchase.

What is covered?
  • This warranty covers wear through of the surface of the floor is not to be easily scratched, ie, moving light furniture on the surface (except from a sharp item scratches).-Laminate Flooring
  • This warranty covers wear will not be dis-coloured under the natural light.
  • If the job is cover installation, with 1 year Residential Wear Warranty from the date of purchase, ie: Trim bar out of shape, flooring swell.

What is not covered?
  • Wear that may be associated with water or liquid damage from any source (moisture ingress from any source into the board). Stains or indentations of any type are also not covered by this warranty.
  • Wear or structural deformation that may be associated with improper installation or improper maintenance procedures. 
  • The instance of surface checking (fine surface splits), gloss variation between boards, colour variation between boards or natural features including gum veins, knots, insect trails etc. are considered a natural part of timber flooring and are therefore excluded from this warranty.
  • Damage, intentional or accidental, caused by abuse, misuse, stiletto heels, dragged objects, heavy furniture, sand, stones, castor wheels, dropped items etc.
  • Labour charges associated with any rectification work. 

How to make a Warranty Claim and What is Covered?
To evoke a claim under this warranty, communication with Value tiles that the tiles/flooring was purchased from must be made. Proof of purchase will be required when contact is made. Value tile will then arrange an inspection of the flooring installed, shortly after which a determination will be made regarding the warranty claim. Only an authorized representative of value tile can authorise a warranty claim. In the event that a claim is authorised, a remedy will be issued in writing by Value Tiles. Remedies will be tailored to suit individual circumstances. Remedies can vary depending on the condition of the floor and warrantable area from full floor replacement to the repair of individual boards. The remedy on each claim will be at the sole discretion of Value Tiles. Should board replacement be necessary, new boards from the current batch will be supplied to replace or repair boards. This warranty is in addition to, and has no impact on, statutory rights of any purchaser. Claims must be lodged by contacting the retailer from where the flooring was purchased within 15 days of the problem being noticed. 

Value tiles reserves the right of explaining the the warranty terms and conditions.
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